Despite Fathom Analytics and other privacy friendly analytics providers attempting to be part of the solution instead of the problem, numerous ad-blocking extensions such as uBlock Origin are insistent on preventing any sort of analytics by default regardless of the privacy considerations the providers have implemented.

The fundamental goal behind these services is to provide useful analytics for webmasters WITHOUT tracking users. These services are the good guys. In terms of them vs Google, they’re John McClane and Google are Hans Gruber.

I feel that those who are at least interested in maintaining or advocating privacy online should consider allowing these services through their blockers. Without them, webmasters will no doubt revert back to Google Analytics which is a loss to all web users, not just those of us who are savvy enough to run an ad-blocker.

To allow privacy-friendly analytics scripts through uBlock Origin, open the extension’s settings, go to My Filters and append a line similar to the following:


You can substitute with any CDN for any analytics provider.