I’m Liam Symonds, a software developer, technical lead and architect (the software kind) living in Norfolk, England.

I’ve been a developer professionally for years now. I started creating (awful) websites when I was 7 years old, moved onto (awful) procedural PHP development a few years after that and got (relatively) good at developing software some time later. Now-a-days, I’m language and framework agnostic and pick the best tool for the job; but will favor C# if there's a choice to be had.

In terms of back-end or front-end development I can do both to a high standard but prefer the challenges that back-end development offers. In terms of design, I absolutely suck at it and never try it. The creatives in the world will do a much better job than I ever could.

Current projects I'm working on includes Baseline - a set of libraries to make life easier for .NET developers. You can see the latest on the project's GitHub at https://github.com/getbaseline/

I’m available for advice, consulting work and a general chat. Hit me up through email at [email protected].